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Everyone who at least once as a child went hiking, and appreciates tourism and complete unity with nature, will certainly be interested in our forest tourist routes. During the journey along these trails you may come across the inhabitants of our forests: red deer, roe-deer, wild boar, fox and hare, marmot and marten, and if you are lucky you can meet a forest giant – an elk. The life of animals can be observed from the hunting tower. Routes can be traveled on foot or by bicycle, by boat on the river, or by car or quad.

Feniks Hunter offers a new trend of ecological tourism

Eco-safari tour – the tour is a trip by car or quad in the heart of wildlife in Poltava region. This is an opportunity not only to see with your own eyes the world of wildlife, but also to become a part of it.
During the trip you will be able to observe: deer, roe-deer, wild boar, mouflon and fallow-deer, marmots, hares and foxes in their usual habitat, in a state of natural freedom, instead of looking at them through the zoo gratings. For photography enthusiasts, it will be a great opportunity to hunt an exclusive shot and feel the heartbeat of wildlife through the camera lens.

A safari in Feniks Hunter is a truly special and unique journey into the realm of animals and wildlife.


Safari cost and peculiarities

The cost of a safari is from 1500 UAH (from 1 to 4 people) up to 6,000 UAH on trucks (from 1 to 12 people), on an quad 600 UAH per hour per person. Your driver and guide will be a huntsman – a person who knows each animal in the land of “Feniks Hunter” personally.

The tour lasts 3 hours

  • In the evening: in summer from 17 to 20, in winter -from 19 to 22 hours.
  • In the morning: in summer from 06 to 09 hours, in winter from 08 to 11 hours.

We can take into account individual wishes of a client.

Meals can be ordered when booking a tour (from 150 UAH per person) or taken with you.

We have developed very interesting routes. Your tour will be interesting, safe and exciting.
Advance reservations are required.


Vehicles that can be used during the photo safari:

ZIL 157


Quads Bombardier
Volkswagen Amarok