About Feniks Hunter

Hunting Holding “Feniks Hunter” unites three hunting farms in Poltava region

  • Myrhorod District Public Organization «Popivske Hunting and Fishing Society»
  • «Phoenix-2017» Limited Liability Company
  • Private agricultural firm «Podoliaka»

The main activity of the holding is the provision of services and organization of all types of hunting, development of foreign hunting tourism, organization of recreation and recreational activities.



Land areas of Feniks Hunter

HFS «Popivske»

4046 ha

«Phoenix-2017» LLC

22437 ha

PAF «Podoliaka»

33278 ha

The total area of hunting grounds of the Holding is 59,761 hectares.



Feniks Hunter for recreation offers

  • Unique, picturesque natural landscapes that combine all types of natural areas – continuous forests of coniferous and mixed plantations, forest swamps, vast meadows and beams, rivers and lakes.
  • Great variety of hunting fauna: red deer, European fallow-deer, roe-deer, mouflon, spotted deer, wild boar, hare and fox, wolf, marmot and game-bird.
  • An extensive network of rivers, lakes and ponds where you can spend time and go fishing.
  • Comfortable recreation center, eco-park with animals and a deer farm.
  • Tourist routes – photo safaris on all types of off-road vehicles.
  • All kinds of hunting on which everyone will be able to get his desired trophy.


The number of animals in our lands

Roe-deer 953
Marmot 623
Boar 213
Spotted deer
Spotted deer 192
Red deer
Red deer190
Moufflon 86
European fallow-deer
European fallow-deer 23