We invite you to go fishing!

Tourists are attracted to the vast expanses of the holding by various hobbies. One needs to take a break from everyday life, enjoying the amazing beauty of Poltava region, the other – get acquainted with the interesting history of this wonderful land. But most are those who can’t imagine their lives without fishing and hunting. After all, Poltava region has long been considered a very fertile and rich land

On the territory of the Feniks Hunter lands there is an opportunity to spend your time in an interesting and enthusiastic way for fishing-lovers. Every interested visitor can fish in the reservoirs on the farm and catch the fish that he likes.


The fishing season starts on June 31, lasts all summer, autumn and ends with the first frosts.


Conditions and cost of fishing

On the territory of the Feniks Hunter hunting holding there are four reservoirs where amateur sport fishing is organized.

Species composition of ichthyofauna of reservoirs is represented by a great variety: silver carp, carp, crucian, grass carp, pike, tench, perch, pike perch, roach.

Prices for fishing services are 300 UAH per day.

Allowed fishing gear – three rods.

The catch rate is 3 kg, the cost of the fish over 3 kg – 100 UAH / kg.

We offer to get acquainted with the reservoirs in the photo